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How to make your business VISIBLE during COVID

As ironic as the below meme is, it is totally true. Throughout my years of being in the digital marketing space, you cannot imagine how challenging it has always been to show the value of digital marketing to businesses owners. Big or small, digital marketing has always been a monster to businesses. I guess the […]
1 min read | Updated on May 28th, 2020

As ironic as the below meme is, it is totally true. Throughout my years of being in the digital marketing space, you cannot imagine how challenging it has always been to show the value of digital marketing to businesses owners. Big or small, digital marketing has always been a monster to businesses. I guess the quote by Andrew Smith is true in this case: “People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer.”

Image: Screenshot KALE presentation during STAT Times webinar

The COVID outbreak has changed the way we live life, communicate and run businesses. I’m not trying to be positive for the sake of it, but I do believe with every crisis, opportunities arise and this one is no different. Covid has been a true test to the creativity of humanity and our ability to cope with tough times and eventually defeat crisis. And the same applies in business.

During covid we’ve seen industries bloom and grow like food delivery services, online retailing, supermarkets, hand-sanitising products, liquor stores and entertainment websites, etc.. However, some others suffered a devastating impact on their businesses and were hit hard, examples can be fine dining restaurants, gyms, real estate, tourism and the list goes on.

One thing in common though is everyone’s decision to finally make the shift and move their services and products into the digital space.

Although it is common knowledge to get a website, list products and services and start marketing, it can still be a daunting task for business owners.  

Where to start and how to build a digital marketing strategy, which digital channels to target first and what to do, are common questions people tend to ask and search for. In this article we tried to answer some of the basic questions and set you out on the right track to start your digital marketing journey.

As simple as it sounds, according to Godaddy AU 59% of Australian small businesses don’t even have a website which means all those businesses have lost a huge opportunity to reach their target audiences since the start of the outbreak back in March 2020.

Own a Website!

First things first, do you have a website?

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s if your business doesn’t exist online, it doesn’t exist at all!

Buying a domain name and a basic hosting plan is the first thing you need to do. A domain name to register your business name online (example: your business name is MyBusiness, you need to buy the domain name: or any available variation) On the other hand, a hosting plan will enable you to make your website come to life and have a virtual place to save your website on. Domain names, if not taken, can cost you around $15/year and as for hosting plans, pricing depends on how big your website is and how many functionalities you’ll have on it. Prices range between $10/month up to $300+/month.

Once you got your domain name and hosting sorted, you need to reach out to someone who will have the knowledge and experience to build you a proper website that has all the needed functionalities and can grow with your business. You need help with that? Check our packages and services here

Your website is built and ready to go with your products and services well positioned and described! Now what? How can I get traffic to my website and start getting calls?

There are different digital marketing channels that you can go with. Before you make a decision, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my business goals and what am I trying to achieve out of this?
  • What stage of the customer’s journey are you trying to earn? Are your customers trying to find more information about your products, or have they already made the decision to make the purchase?
  • Are you trying to be found on Google search results page or are you more interested in getting reviews, shares and build that brand authority?
  • Do you have enough information about your target audience's behaviours, interests and habits? Or do you want to target specific keywords, reach new people and get more exposure?

Once you have figured out where you’re at and what you need, we’ve listed below the two main digital solutions that can provide a good starting point and are cost effective:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO? With the simplest explanation possible, it means to be found on Google search results and preferably be on the first page.  In order to get there, you need to run an SEO campaign to help Google see your website and the content you have on it.

Google is exactly like a shopping centre where people go to, to buy or find answers, your website should be visible and tempting enough for people to click on and visit.

Google needs to be sure that your website content is relevant to whatever people are searching for and has answers to their questions.

SEO is a long-term strategy especially if you have a new website or was never optimised before. We usually expect to see actual results in 3 - 6 months of starting the campaign however, once you've made it to the search results, you'll be visible to your potential clients and hopefully get the sales you want.

Interested to start your SEO campaign? Get more information here and let’s build your online presence

Social Media Marketing:

Let's all agree on one thing, social media is about brand awareness and people connecting directly to your brand. If we go back to the shopping centre analogy, when people are on social media, it most probably means they're window shopping. They went to the shopping centre with no buying intent but while they're there, they found their favourite brands running a special promotion or a discount or even saw a new brand they've never bought from before but liked what they saw.

This will build up user interest, but not necessarily a purchase intent. However, the more they see your brand, the more engaged they become and end up with a purchase and that's the importance of remarketing.

You need to build up your social media presence and have it ready for when your customers are looking for social proof or can find you even though they're not looking.

In the end, there are so many different marketing tools and channels that you can use to become visible and close to your target audience. Whether you’re in lockdown or not, whether people are going out to see you or not, you can still reach them and be closer to them than ever before.

If you’re still not sure how to start, please drop us a line and get digital consultation

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